Big Glitter was founded by me, designer and artist Heather “Alabama” Blaikie to raise money for worthy causes.


These efforts lead me to find others with similar goals, namely the Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco. The Ducal Council raises tens of thousands of dollars for underfunded causes and organizations, primarily in San Francisco. So I joined them in 2018. 


With Big Glitter, I share the things I creates to express myself, including prints of 3D Models and handmade one of a kind items. I can't help but make accessories and jewelry. 

You may know me as Alabama Slamma. I have been performing in the Bay Area as a drag performer since 2015. Drag empowers me to live large, connect with community, create and express myself.


I have more than fifteen years of experience designing consumer goods for major brands and startups. I have spent the last few years teaching design and consulting in the San Francisco Bay Area.

With Big Glitter, I personally choose manufacturers with integrity, or makes it myself. I work out of SoulMind Studios, a custom design and fabrication studio that specializes in laser and CNC manufacturing in the East Bay.

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