Slow and steady wins the race

Big Glitter March Update:

I am getting a foothold into activist groups, but it is happening a little slower than I expected.

The good news is that I have been getting connected to my local community, Alameda, California, and continuing to be involved in the Bay Area Drag/Queer community.

I attended a Town Hall in Alameda focused on how our citizens can make good on our city’s resolution to be a Sanctuary City for all people. I heard from a recently hired ACLU attorney dedicated to California’s Central Valley, focused on immigration rights. Please see our updated Resources for links to some of the good groups I was introduced to at this Town Hall meeting.

I am most excited about the dialogue I have been having with Progressives in Alabama and Texas to understand how I can support them. I want to channel some of the Bay Area energy, resources, & support to those operating in more hostile locations. Having grown up in Alabama, and lived in Texas for 10 years, I have a good network to reach out to in these two Red States. I will be traveling to Alabama this Spring to talk to some of our allies there face to face. I am coordinating with artists to create an show visual and performing art show that can be toured in the Fall. I am looking for progressive candidates in the South to help with their campaigns.

Trainings and Action scheduled for March & April:

  • Continuing to follow calls to action by the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Campaign, and Democracy for America.

  • “Glitter Done” Shirt available March 8th, benefiting Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Planned Parenthood Action Fund fights for laws and policies to protect your rights and health, and elect officials who will do so too.

  • March 11th Resistance Training provided by ACLU’s newly founded People Power organization at a local event. I encourage all Big Glitterati to do the same. You can find an event in your zipcode at the People Power Action Event Map. Over 2000 of these trainings will take place simultaneously on Saturday, March 11th.

  • March 18th Kingian Nonviolence Workshop with East Point Peace Academy held by Alameda for Black Lives.

  • Attending other peaceful demonstrations as they come up.

  • Our first Glitter Done! Group will be held the East Bay on April 19th to prepare for:

  • March for Science scheduled for April 22rd. Who wants to join our group marching in San Francisco?

Join the April Glitter Done Group

Photo credit: Photos by Dot

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