What Earth Day and Science mean to me.

Earth Day was the first holiday that I really understood.

It was literal enough. If you know me well, you know I'd rather be outside most of the time. My idea of a great time is a night in a hideaway deep in nature, under the stars. Nature feeds my soul. Below is an Earth Day Slide show of some of my favorite places on Earth.

My love for science drove me right on past my love of art in high school. I saw the potential for scholarships to Georgia Tech in Atlanta, which I was drawn to by the vivid art and music scene of the 1990's. I am grateful that I was pretty serious about school, and very driven to get scholarships, and had the support of my parents to pursue an engineering school. I choose one of the most creative fields at the school, Industrial Design, which has led me on a journey in this field. I have been around the globe, designed a wide range of best selling products, and learned a lot about large scale retail and manufacturing. What a ride it has been! PHOTO CREDIT; Photos by Dot

Design = business + science + art

Industrial Design has provided me with an art education. I have worked with so many talented artists. The best thing about working in corporate design departments is the broad range of skills

that artist share with each other. The departments can be like a firm or agency where people train each other, travel long distances together, and share successes. Many of them have become like family to me, especially those I worked with at Michaels Arts and Crafts. Shout out to all my Michaels Alumni, Global Sourcing Represent. We traveled into the deep unknown, and helped make Michaels the amazing store that it is today.

Big Glitter taking it to the streets

Miss Alabama Slamma invites you to join Big Glitter's group in March for Science in San Francisco on Earth Day.UPDATE: Meet at Justin Herman Plaza (across from Ferry Building) 11:00AMEnd: Civic Center PlazaA rally with invited speakers will start the event at 11:00AM in Justin Herman Plaza. After the rally at approximately 12:30PM, we will march down Market street to Civic Center Plaza, ending with a Fair to celebrate science. Events at Civic Center Plaza will conclude at 6pm.

Find me at in scrap crafted couture courtesy of the VERASPHERE and Big Glitter Shirt marching in San Francisco to show our government how important SCIENCE, EDUCATION, PRESERVATION, AND CONSERVATION are to me.



3D PRINTED in POLISHED SILVER: 10% of proceeds to Oakland Elementary Science Education.

Visualizing a peaceful world can encourage us to continue to fight the good fight. Raise the vibration with this peace symbol inside a globe.

You can slip a chain, ribbon or cord through and wear it at any length as a pendant.


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